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Singapore Travel Guide

Discovering Old and New Singapore

Discovering Old and New Singapore Singapore is a spectacular city-state in China that has a powerful economy. One of the famous areas called Chinatown has streets crowded with locals and tourists while other areas are filled with temple worshipers, calligraphers, fortunetellers, shoppers, and a little bit of everything else. Another famous area of Singapore is called Little India where you will find incredible local spices, gorgeous material for saris, and other items associated with India and the Hindu god. With towering buildings of glass and concrete and rickshaws on the opposite side of the street, you get a real interesting view of old and new. When staying in Singapore,
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Singapore Science Center

Singapore Science Center The Singapore Science Centre is a great place to visit while in Singapore. With more than 850 exhibits spread out through a number of galleries, you could spend days within the centre and never see all there is to see. For this reason, the experts working the centre highly recommend visitors try to focus on just one or two exhibits. With that, you will have plenty to see and enjoy without wearing yourself trying to get it all in. Because of the vastness of the centre and all there is to do and see, the return rate of visitors is as high as 70%.
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Ballet Under the Stars

Ballet Under the Stars One of the most fascinating aspects of Singapore, China, as well as a number of the larger cities and states within this country is that the people love opera and ballet. In fact, the people of Singapore love fine and performing arts of all types. Because of this, as you travel through the city/state, you will find a number of excellent theaters that features some of the most incredible shows you have ever seen. The level of talent, the elaborate costumes, the music, and the overall production is unmatched by any other.
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Areas of Singapore

Areas of Singapore As you will discover, Singapore, China is a fascinating city/state with so many incredible things to see and do. We wanted to provide you with some of the more exciting options in relation to areas of Singapore. For instance, let us start with Chinatown, literally the cultural heart that provides visitors a look into the past as well as into the future. In Chinatown, numerous temples are located, each magnificent. In addition, this area features a number of charming shops, merchants, and restaurants. Having been renovated for years,
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