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Russia Travel Guide

Learning About Russia

Learning About Russia Russia has long been a country of mystery. Because of this, visitors still have a hard time getting a full grasp of life. Then, when you consider that rumors are swirling around about increasing crime, disregard to democracy, and so on, it somehow adds to the overall mystic. Even with this, Russia (also known as The Russian Federation) is a country with countless cultural treasures! If you want to experience an incredibly diverse country, then you definitely want take the time to see everything Russia has to offer, ranging from Lenin’s Tomb to Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Novgorod was founded in 862 by a Viking named Rurik of Jutland. His
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Catherine the Great Palace

Catherine the Great Palace If you love history and are planning a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, a trip to Catherine the Great Palace is something to see. Catherine the Great was actually born a Princess, Sophia August Frederika in 1729 in the town of Stettin. Sophia’s father was a German military princeling by the name of Christian August and her mother, Princess Joanna Elizabeth. Nicknamed as a little girl, Feke or Figchen, not much is known about her childhood years. When Karl August died suddenly in 1727, Elizabeth I of Russia took throne. In the 1740s, Elizabeth was
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City of St Petersburg

City of St Petersburg When in Russia, a number of cities stand out as exceptional places to visit. One of these is the city of St. Petersburg. Although this particular city was just founded in 1703, it still has a rich and interesting history. From the early days of Peter the Great to the current day’s events, this city is one of mystery and mystic. Although some people will rush through to see this city, we highly recommend you take adequate time to uncover some of the special secrets, and most importantly, the White Lights over the Venice of the North, something
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Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal Moving from the Russian Siberian taiga to the south toward Mongolia, the ground rises and the territory becomes varied. This natural divide is a place with mountains and rugged hills that create ripples between the expansive forests to the north and the beautiful, green grasslands to the south. About halfway down this border in a massive bowl that runs about 400 miles long and 50 miles wide is Lake Baikal, the location of one-quarter of the world’s fresh water supply. Of all the lakes in Eurasia, Lake Baikal is the largest and also known as the
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