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Denmark Travel Guide

The Enchanting Land of Denmark

The Enchanting Land of Denmark Denmark is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Known for many things to include producing top talented soccer players, inventing Lego toys, and being the cagiest member of the European Union, Denmark is a magnificent place to visit. You will be astounded by the natural beauty and love the delicious Danes pastries famous around the world. The capital of Denmark is a city called Copenhagen, which is a unique place. Throughout the city, you will still find people airing flannel clothing and sheets outside, a festive attitude, and happy people who call Copenhagen home. Today, Copenhagen has a population of almost two million
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Dream of Tower

Dream of Tower The country of Denmark is known for many things such as beautiful landscape, wonderful food and pastries, incredible shopping, jazz and other types of music genres, literature, and amazing cities. However, one thing that Denmark is known for that is a “must see” is the Dream of Tower. This tower stretches up to the sky, standing for joint accomplishment and the people’s belief system. The Dream of Tower exhibit is organized around three primary themes that include a historic overview of the visions and dreams of the people, emotional experience of
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Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival When visiting Denmark, one of the first things you will notice is that this country and the people love music. The passion for music is so great that each year, Denmark has numerous festivals that provide all types of music entertainment to include rock and roll, classical, country, Irish, Cajun, gospel, blues, and of course, everyone’s favorite, jazz. To celebrate the incredible jazz music of Denmark, you want to take time to experience the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, held every year in the capital city.
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Jaegersborg Deer Park

Jaegersborg Deer Park If you are planning a trip to Denmark, eager to experience the culture, the food, and the local activities, you probably want to add Jaegersborg Deer Park in Bakken to your list of things to do. Bakken is home to the world’s oldest amusement park and you do not have to be a kid to enjoy it. In fact, people come from around the world to experience the old roller coaster and attractions in the park. The atmosphere in Jaegersborg Deer Park in Bakken is exciting and fun. There, you will discover some amazing cafes, taverns,
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