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Greek Festivals

Greece is a country that has exported chaos, tragedy, drama, and even democracy well before most other nations. This magnificent country boasts rich, ancient culture, massive mountain ranges, incredible food, warm-hearted people, and some of the greatest and colorful festivals in all of Europe. In this article, we wanted to provide information on some of the options if you are planning a trip to Greece. You will find the people and the culture to be proud and exciting, which is just one reason why Greece is a favorite destination four tourists.

The Sultana Festival is a wonderful time for all. The city of Sitia is known around the world for its wonderful production of sultanas, along with incredible festivals. Every August, Sitia celebrates with traditional Cretan dances all over the town’s main square. In addition to the colorful clothing and dancing, you will enjoy tongs of sultana-inspired foods, making this a great time for everyone who comes.

Greek Festivals Next is the Lycabettus Festival, held every year from May to September at the Lycabettus Theater in Athens. This summer arts festival is held outdoors, offering a wide variety of theater and musical events, all against an incredible backdrop. Famous musicians and actors come from around the world to participate to include people like Gilberto Gil, Duran Duran, Patti Smith, Kansas, Tango X2 and others. In addition to the wonderful entertainment, you will have the bonus of seeing a stunning view of Athens from the top of the hill.

Then in September, also in the city of Athens, you will completely, enjoy the Video Dance Festival. This international festival of dance and film is free, and focuses on the connection between movement and moving images. What you will see is experimental modern dance film, and intriguing visual displays. If you love dance and film, then you will appreciate the successful attempt to keep ancient arts alive while also preserving dance choreography for the future.

Two other festivals that people love are the Traditional Greek Dance Festival and the International Petra Festival. Starting with the first festival, this one is held every year from May to September in Athens at the Dora Stratou Theatre. Dancers perform on the Philopappou Hill, wearing traditional Greek costumes while performing dance and song that has been an important part of the Greek culture for 2,500 years.

Finally, the International Petra Festival is held from June to September in Athens at the Petra Theatre. Although each year is a little different, you would expect to see numerous events. For instance, this year, 38 events are planned. This would include dancers from China, a youth festival, theatre performances, dancers, singers, musical groups, and much more!

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